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Free from all the obstacles that determine how you act, think and feel, you are able to take the steps that you couldn't or didn't dare to take before, to make the choices that you couldn't make before and thus live the life that you want in the way you want!

What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is a personal development method, specially created for women, that uses an advanced visualization technique to resolve limiting beliefs and emotions. 

The method takes into account the various elements that are essential for a woman to be able to change. It may sound silly and obvious to say that men and women are different. Not only are women physically different, but also hormonally, emotionally and mentally.

In the personal development world (as well as other places) however little is done with this knowledge. Most (coaching) techniques and methods are still developed for and tested on men. It isn't weird therefore that so many women keep struggling to have a breakthrough and keep feeling stuck while doing all the 'right' courses and reading all the 'right' books. It's like downloading an iPhone app onto a Samsung phone…

These 6 Elements combined are what makes Creatrix® so transformational:

Gender specific

Developed by and for women, taking into account hormones, cycles, and how women think, feel and learn


Science has shown that genes carry experiences from our ancestors - trauma and stress have an effect on our DNA and the gene expression, and are passed on for generations


Combining head (thinking), heart (feeling) and gut (intuition) - necessary and essential for transformation in women


Traumas or 'bad' experiences or memories don't need to be relived - preventing them from anchoring even further in our system


You create your own 'lessons' - you are not being told what to do or think. Your own subconscious is giving you the solutions that are perfect for you


Limiting beliefs and negative emotions are being replaced by helpful ones - this way there is no void that can be filled with random or old patterns

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How does Creatrix® work?

Creatrix® unlocks your inner wisdom, clears your connection to your Higher Self/Soul. Emotions are signals - it is our Soul talking to us, wanting to guide us on our best path. You could say emotions are our GPS. There is nothing wrong with emotions. However when they overwhelm us, we cannot listen to the signal anymore and we get lost.

Creatrix® can help finetune our GPS so we can listen to clear signals again. It removes blocks no matter how, where or when they began. Even blocks and patterns that have been in your family for generations are cleared. No logic or explanation needed.

Are you ready to become who you are meant to be? To share your gifts and talents with the world without frustration or fear? No more holding yourself back in your comfort zone and playing it small, wondering if you are good enough or if you have something worth sharing with the world! Literally anything that is holding you back, you can Creatrix®.

This unique process is about transforming you by diving deep into your heart, mind and soul and unlocking all your inner wisdom that will lead you to living your life in your flow.

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Want to learn more?

Unblock your own path, grow your Emotional Intelligence and realign with who you are meant to be. Read more about the journey to become you, or sign up for an exploration call!

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