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Live & Group Events

If you have a (small) group of people who you would like to experience and learn with, these options might be for you. Prices in consultation, depending on group size and duration.

Human Design experience

  • In a live private session we will look at all your charts and learn about the basics of Human Design, and why every one of you is unique and brings their own gifts to the world
  • Systemic Healing experience

  • Stepping into the field with a trusted group is just a magical experience, for both the questioner and the other participants
  • How does consciousness work?

  • Learn how your mind functions and grow compassion with yourself and others
  • Private Healing Mini Retreat

  • A day of full focus on you, your body, mind and spirit. Tailormade: Human Design mini reading, Energy Healing session, Systemic work, Intuitive Massage, Tarot reading, and/or Coaching
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