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Wouldn't it be nice…

If you were born with a manual? Your own, personal guide, that provides insight into your unique qualities and limitations? That allows you to make the right choices effortlessly? That tells why you are here? 

Your Human Design chart is basically a map that tells you who you are, how you process and experience the world, how you best make decisions and what you need to do to stay in harmony with your authentic self.

Start your own Human Design experiment

Are you ready to start your own Human Design experiment? Are you new to Human Design and want to find out what it is and what it can do for you? Or do you have a good basic understanding and want to dive deeper? Something for everyone!

Are you ready to start your own Human Design experiment? Are you new to Human Design and want to find out what it is and what it can do for you? Or do you have a good basic understanding and want to dive deeper? Something for everyone!

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Getting to Know Your Design


Expirimenting with Your Design



Your Design

1. Getting to Know your Design

An amazing way to get to know your design is by having a personal reading. Here we dive into YOUR chart and YOUR life, making it applicable and practical. All sessions are tailormade and any specific questions can be addressed. Let's get you on your path to your dream life now!


Intro to Human Design

  • How are you meant to function? The User Manual 101

  • A foundational reading, diving into your type, strategy, authority, signature

  • This is all you need to know to change your life for good! It's real magic!

  • Understanding Your Energy

  • In this reading we look at your profile, centers, motors

  • How does your energy work? What are your challenges?

  • Focusing on Your Strengths

  • Your channels, circuitry and definition show you what comes natural to you

  • What are your strengths, talents and reliable energies?

  • 2. Experimenting with your Design

    While the experiment's 'home/play-work' is mainly about the User Manual 101, diving deeper may help keep your (logical) mind on board and playing along. It gives you more tools and insights to continue the experiment.


    Diving into the Details

  • In this (double) reading we look at all your gates through the lens of the planets

  • How do your characteristics play out in your life?

  • Purpose

  • Your incarnation cross and some other elements in your chart give you a great insight into what your Soul came here to do.

  • Cycles of Life

  • Life path & Soul mission

  • During our life there are some significant moment, with their specific themes and challenges

  • Are you in your late 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's? Then is reading can help you navigate the turbulent times you may be facing

  • This reading gives insight in specific themes, challenges and activations that we all encounter on our path to living our Soul's mission

  • 3. Living your Design

    While living your design will always be about experimenting and adjusting, you will reach a moment where you notice that old habits and/or limiting beliefs and behaviours are keeping you from implementing what you want (to change) and growing to your full potential.


    Food & environment

  • Yes, your design even tells you how (not what!) best to nourish your body and brain, and what environment you best thrive in! Isn't that amazing!

  • Just fascinating how practical this part of the experiment is

  • Gates

  • Every gate holds a gold mine of information about your talents, what you can learn from them and how to master them

  • Combining that with the placement in your chart, and the line expression, it's a party

  • A great start is diving deep into your Conscious Sun gate. Of course we can dive into any gate you want!

  • Themes

  • Is there a specific topic or issue you wish to look into through the lens of Human Design? That's possible!

  • Let's find out what we can discover, e.g. about your (lack of) consistency, empathy, leadership, codependence, speed, (im)patience, depression, need for adventure, need to retreat, etc

  • HD Coaching

  • If you have specific questions you would like to tackle using your Human Design, or if you want to start practically applying (experimenting with) your design

  • Book Your Reading

    Each reading takes about 1 hour, and costs €150,-

    The basic readings can be combined into a longer session for total of €333,-

    All Advanced readings are 1,5/2 hour sessions, and cost €250,-

    The Detail sessions take about 30-45 min, and cost €88,-

    The audio recordings will be shared after the session.

    Book Your Reading

    What can Human Design bring me?

    If you want to live a fulfilling authentic life (a life that is yours) you've got to start with knowing 'Who You Are Meant to Be' and what you need to do to start living in alignment with that version of you.

    Your personal Human Design Chart can reveal your strengths, your weaknesses, and perhaps most important, your potential. It will assist you in learning to:

  • Work with your energy instead of against it - to be successful in ways that feel natural to you, even when society tells you it's not possible

  • Create the live you want - and manifest everything you desire

  • Understand your unique gifts and themes, and purpose - and how we can optimally express them

  • Love and accept yourself - as the unique magical being that you are 

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