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Human Design Reading, Coaching, Creatrix and Healing by Reflector

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Learning to listen to your inner guidance system is transformational. It will completely change the way you see life. Life isn’t perfect, of course, because it isn’t supposed to be. Earth is a place of duality - that's what we came here for. However, leaning into your intuition makes the journey easier and more enjoyable.

It is a very personal journey to learn to understand and interpret the signals of your Soul. It speaks to us through our body and mind, but can you notice how it is communicating and what it is telling you?

There are many tools to help navigate 'life' with more ease and joy, and realign with your authentic self and your dreams. Working with a guide or coach will uncover aspects that are in your blindspots, accelerate your progress, and make your journey more fun.

Dilightful Coaching & Healing

Let me support you in accessing your Inner Guidance & Healing with any of the below mentioned methods. 

All sessions are tailormade and any specific questions can be addressed.

Be smart, and give yourself the gift of a guide. Let's get you on your path to your dream life now!

Dilightful Coaching

By letting go of everything you are not, you create space for your essence to shine. It is all about becoming aware of and replacing your limiting thoughts and emotions, including generational patterns, habits and (collective) beliefs. 

Dilightful Coaching is a personal development method that uses an advanced visualization technique to resolve limiting beliefs and emotions. Together we explore what is holding you back from living your full potential. We will tap into your intuition and replace any blocks with your own inner wisdom.

This process requires multiple sessions to achieve real transformation. It is gentle, fun and easy, with no need to revisit old drama.

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Intuitive Systemic Coaching

Using the infinite wisdom of the universal field, we can reveal blocks that are ready to be released. 

Systemic work is not a 'trick' you can do with your mind. It is profound, pure energy and consciousness work. Systemic coaching is therefore fundamentally different.

We will go on a journey within, connect with your true being, your deep intuitive knowledge and the ancient wisdom that everyone carries within.

Usually we work in private sessions. However it is also possible to set up a group experience, which gives an extra layer of magic.

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Guided Releases

When you can let go of all the lies of the mind, and allow yourself to feel all there is, including 'bad' emotions and resistance, you can step into a more true version of you.

Focusing on and resisting what you do not want, will only keep what you do want from flowing to you effortlessly. Releasing is the key to a Soul-aligned life, without limits, to unconditional happiness and to every big dream!

In a Guided Release session you are invited to let go of any situation, belief and/or emotion, so you can create what you desire with ease.

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Energy Healing

Sometimes helping our 'system' on an energetic level can work miracles. Allow yourself to receive support for the energy flow in your aura, chakra's and physical, emotional and mental body. 

A healing tunes into your energy system to identify disturbances in the energy flow or vibrational frequencies. The intention is to improve the self-healing capacity of the body. 

In this process I am the guide and facilitator - the actual 'healing' you do yourself. It can be done both in person or virtual. Experience a healing session yourself to discover the restorative magic!

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Reflector Session

Come take a look in my mirror.

As Reflector I sample and observe the world and people around me. These sessions can have a reassuring, calming and uplifting effect, as well as bring clarifying and confrontational realizations. Together we can define your vision for yourself.

Are you willing to receive what I see in you? Let yourself be surprised by what this encounter can show you.

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Let's explore together

Transform your life by letting go of everything that is not you, and tuning into your inner guidance. Contact me to find your next steps, or to book a session! 

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